January 2016

What if we’re wrong?…

What if we’re wrong?

What if the moment we burn more calories than we take in throws the body into energy storing mode?

What if our weight does not define our health?

What if how we view food, movement and ourselves is the problem?

What if ditching diets is part of increasing our overall wellness picture?

What if it’s more important to accept ourselves “as is” than it is to try and live up to someone else’s idea of who we are?

What if the only way to know our “ideal weight” is to stop dieting and let the body do its job?

What if we don’t really have control over our weight?

What if dieting actually increases weight?

What if BMI charts are wrong?

What if the body determines how many calories it needs?

What if all we have do is listen and respond to the body’s fuel need signals?

What if we’re wrong about human health?

What if dieting throws the body out of homeostasis, which leads to hormonal imbalances?

What if we broke all the dieting rules and handed control over to the body?

What if we’re wrong?

Guess what? We’re wrong….

Angie Taylor – www.AttractingWellness.com

Always try to add value even if you will not get the credit

Always try to add value even if you will not get the credit. The rewards will find you in the right time.

Your motivation should not be for instant recognition. It should not be for instant reward. Adding value to something should be done for the result that it will bring. Your intention should be to increase the experience or enhance that which your are willing to add value to.

When you let go of the need to receive instant recognition, you become open to helping and improving the world around you. You become a source of sharing, of giving, of helping. In turn, you will receive that which you give from sources that are not visibly connected. It is not a matter of maybe but a matter of definitely.

Add value simply because you can. Adding value will leave you feeling good. It will bring better things and situations into your life. It will free you of petty score keeping and competition. And it will bring rewards to you in abundance.

It is in the power of giving that benefits will find you. It is one of the powers that create your invincible power. It is defined as so.

The Power of Giving

Give before you receive, perform before you reap the benefits, offer before you take. It is in the giving that the flow of abundance will pour over you. It is in the sharing, the helping, the selflessness, that the receiving will manifest. There are many types of giving. It is in the giving of great value without worry of equal compensation that the power of giving magnetizes.

It is in this way that you can send gifts to your future self. It is in this way that you can plant the seeds of abundance. It is one of the ingredients for creating your own future. Always try to add value, always keep this in the forefront of your mind.

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