May 2015

The Change event

I enjoyed attending the first Change Event in Orange County.
It was my joy to finally meet Jim & Jim, and other co-authors
in person. It truly makes a difference to be in the presence of
successful coaches/masters such as Jim Britt and Jim Lutes.
I felt blessed! Also it was so nice to connect with other
amazing co-authors. Each one of them was so gifted and
I felt honored to be a part of this community.

In my opinion, the Change event was one of the best , because
1. I felt connected with Jim & Jim and with other people.
There were not so many people like other big events, but
I enjoyed the intimate setting so I was able to be close and felt the
connection. I am sure that the Change event will definitely grow bigger,
as this book series becomes one of the fastest growing book series
In the world. I am excited about it.

2. I got so much value out of this event & workshop.
Jim & Jim were so generous in giving so much great information
and sharing their gifts with us. They have good hearts and they are
willing to help us succeed. I am grateful for it.

Thank you so much, Jim & Jim!
And I thank you, all the co-authors in this community.
I hope to see you at the next Change event!
I look forward to connecting with you all.
Much love & gratitude,
Chiwa Higashi’

At Last!

Years ago a famous song was written called, “AT LAST”, which was a big hit! I was thinking of that in my head as I see the book came out that we have waited on for months! At Last, we have the book in our hands! Thanks to Jim Britt and Jim Lutes and their team. It is exciting to be part of this group! May many blessings come from the authors who challenge us in ways to leave our “comfort zones” to do more and achieve more! The Change is within us all! We can be challenged and rise to the challenge daily! Best of reading to you all!

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