April 2015

Hiding Power

Most of us don’t fully embrace the power we have. It’s almost as if it is hot like a fire red poker. As if we cannot manage the discomfort of wielding what we are truly capable of.

I have a theory on that. That we use the sense of pain, of not being in control, to move away from what is truly possible for us because we are ‘not there yet’ and so can’t fathom the life we are all dreaming about but have no way of accessing without claiming our power.

So we wait. And we wait. For the right time. For the right moment. And some of us wait so long we die without ever having reached beyond the first level of our comfort zone.

So what do I suggest? Get comfortable being really uncomfortable. Let it ride. Use your breath. Grow your perspective. Have fun surfing the energetic SURGE of claiming your power. Once you do, you will never look back and life will open for you in ways you have truly only imagined.

Many many blessings to you,
Kaeleya Rayne

Eliminate “Worry”

“Drag your thoughts away from your troubles, by the ears, by the heels or any other way you can manage it! ” ~Mark Twain

Be free! Never let the past or future give you cause to worry. It’s neither worthwhile nor necessary.

The act of worrying keeps you immobilized. Both positive and negative thoughts take the same effort and time, so choose to move forward and create the world you want by dwelling on it instead.

Just select the outcome you desire and put your focus on it. Take action on things you can change and let the rest go!

If you are unsure of what you want or what you should do, have a conscious thought of intense gratitude for all you have in your life right now that you are thankful for.

As you begin to feel the intensity of a greater more joyful thought, you are certain to shift your next moment to one of a happier creation!

I dream BIG dreams.

My Mission Statement: We are bully proofing the world one community at a time by improving confidence and personal value from the inside out.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in taking the first few steps toward making this a reality.

As I write this newsletter, I am sitting in California and it’s Sunday morning. I have just put stretch-marks on my comfort zone and taken a HUGE step forward in bringing my mission statement to life.

I remember when I took my first solo drive in my car at the age of 17. I got lost in my own home town! I remember the first time I flew in an airplane by myself. My flight had a stop along the way to my destination and I got off in the wrong city!

I just finished traveling to five states in five days to give five presentations/trainings. I had to get a rental car in some states to get to my destination. I sometimes had to take a shuttle. I had to set up my room and carry out the training by myself. There were some learning moments but I did it!

I just completed a five day whirlwind trip successfully and I feel GREAT! I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

When I wrote my mission statement three years ago, I wasn’t sure how it would ever happen. Now I know, the Lord has grown me into the person I needed to be to make it happen. I have the support of family, friends, and you to make it a reality. Together we can BULLY PROOF THE WORLD one community at a time.

Thank you for your time, commitment, and help in this endeavor.

May you be blessed as you have blessed others.

Talk with you soon,



When will it happen?
When the time is right? When the laundry is done? When the degree is finished? When the TV series reaches episode #101? When the job is gone? When the kids are out of the house?

When will it happen?
When you say NOW! When you muster up the courage. When you do what you thought you couldn’t, but found out you just didn’t want to. When you decide you are better than. When you make friends with self-discipline. When you get passionate about where you’re going. Whenever you want to.

Tired of being stuck?
Just take ONE STEP into a DIFFERENT DIRECTION today.

Take 10 minutes to start your meditation practice. You know it will work wonders. You’ve been wanting to do that. Do it today.

Turn off the TV, FaceBook and all the other distractions and sit down to make a plan. Where do you want to go (in life)? Why do you want to go there? What about that excites you?
What are you waiting for?

Think of CHANGE as a PROCESS, not a complete and instant overhaul of your life. Though if you’re ready for that, go for it!

Doing one small thing differently today, and then another tomorrow and so forth will create massive results over time. Trust the process and cultivate patience.

Change your attitude. Change your paradigm.

Expand your circle of friends to include people who are where you want to be.

Practice gratitude and celebrate each and every successful change you are making, no matter how small you think it.





Faking it

Lately I have been coming across coaches, authors, etc in our industry that proudly proclaim they are “Faking it until they make it”. I highly encourage those people to stop and understand what they need to learn, then seek out how to gain that knowledge. I say show up transparent to the skills you possess and continue to develop and grow so you can pay it forward in the right way; and not a minute before that.

7 Tips to Enhance your Feelings of Personal Empowerment

7 Tips to Enhance your Feelings of Personal Empowerment

Your personal empowerment is the energy that powers your internal battery of confidence and enthusiasm. It supports your every endeavour. If you don’t feel personally empowered, your body, your interactions with others and your work product will give you away.

Your reflection of empowerment shows up in the details you project when you are in the company of others. It shows up in your work. It comes across in the tone of your voice. It is present in the way you move your body from place to place within the spaces you occupy during your day.

If you want your personal empowerment to show up in your life with more vigor…if you want your personal empowerment to be more visible in your life, here are seven suggestions:

1. For the benefit of your mind and your body, practice good posture. Good posture is more than sitting up straight or walking tall. It’s also about breathing and filling your lungs. The next time you have feelings of doubt about your ability, take three deep breaths and see if you still feel the same way. You should notice that you are not able to take three deep breaths without expanding the space available for your lungs.
2. No matter whether you are sitting, standing or walking, become aware of your posture. Monitor it by picking three times each day to take stock and make your observation. One way to conduct your monitoring is to set the alarm on your smart phone. Another way is to gather feedback from those whom you trust. Ask them to identify any postures that show you appear confident or interested, for instance.
3. Practice your posture in the mirror. Present yourself with shoulders hunched. Then present yourself with shoulders square. Note the differences in how your muscles feel. Note how differently you look. The idea is to expand your awareness so that personal empowerment becomes a feeling you can easily and naturally portray in the moment.
4. Practice standing more and sitting less. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Standing can be energizing and standing is being advocated in support of better heart health.
5. Your posture effects your performance on the job. According to a study reported in sciencedaily.com, your confidence in yourself increases when you practice empowering posture. Furthermore, you tend to believe in yourself rather than practicing patterns self-doubt.
6. Practicing yoga can help promote more awareness of where your body is in relation to the space it occupies. Doing yoga can also help to increase feelings of wellness and balance in one’s life and contribute to additional potential benefits.
7. How important is body language in terms of portraying influence? Have you heard of the 93/7 rule? In 1971, Professor Albert Mehrabian of the University of California published Silent Messages, a book discussing his research on non-verbal communication when people were interacting with a sales person. According to his book, sales prospects gave the sales person credibility scores on three factors: body language (55%), tone of voice (38%) and content (7%). Was Professor Albert saying that our bodies speak louder than our words?

There appears to be a connection between body and mind. By being more mindful of the way we are occupying space with our bodies, we can have a more purposeful influence on ourselves and on the people with whom we interact. The mere possibility that our posture can influence how we think about ourselves suggests that feelings of enhanced personal empowerment could be but a deep breath away.

Donna Dahl is an energizing and imaginative professional coach with over ten years of experience serving both private citizens and members of the business community. She has written several delightful self-help books in support of self-improvement, personal growth and start-up business development. She is a co-author in Book 4 of The Change Book Series. Visit her website at donnadahl.ca. Contact her here: askdonnadahl at gmail dot com


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Keyword = personal empowerment

All is Light

Happy Easter!

This morning when I woke up, I saw golden light
emanating from my heart and
I saw that I was the Light.

Then I saw that everything was light.

Something shifted in me and
I felt peace.

I am so grateful for this gift that I received today.
I would like to send this gift to you, too.

Please remember that you are the light.
Everyone and everything is light.
Your light is making a difference in the world.

“The Change book” series are also the Light in the world.
I am grateful for being a part of this community.
Thank you.

Let’s keep our light shine !!

love & light!
Chiwa Higashi


The Benefits of Laughter

The other day, I watched the laughter yoga video and
I laughed and laughed…

My energy has changed, and
I felt lighter and happier.
I felt so much better.
My body got more relaxed.

I totally believe that laughter can heal
your body, mind, emotions, & soul.

Here are 11 benefits of laughter:

*Laughter reduces stress.
*Laughter releases stored emotions.
*Laughter raises your vibration.
*Laughter makes you feel good by increasing endorphins(hormones)
*Laughter boosts immune system.
*Laughter relaxes your whole body.
*Laughter heals your pain.
*Laughter lifts your moods.
*Laughter increases feeling of love.
*Laughter keeps you young in your heart & body.
*Laughter brings peace in the world.
And there’s much more…

Now you can benefit from laughing anytime
when you get too serious or
when things are not going the way you want.
Laughter can help you.

Here is the video that I highly recommend if you want to laugh.

Have fun!

Love & light!

Chiwa Higashi



Messages from your Angels:

The child within you wants to
come out and play.
Allow that child to have fun.

Don’t become too serious..
Life is meant to be fun.
Come out and play with us.

We love you as always.

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