March 2015

Are You Breaking Through?

Are you breaking through the barriers in your life?

Fear is a very real force in our lives, but it is also something that can be overcome easier than you might think.

I remember when I ran for United States Senate. I had some tremendous fear that I faced during my campaign. However, i found that simply taking baby steps made over coming my fear much easier than I expected.

I watched other candidates meet and greet people and realized how easy it was to do the same.

What is one easy step that you take today to help break through a barrier in your life?

To Your Success,

Andy Craig

We are all connected

Everything in the universe is made of energy.
Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and your physical body
are energy.
What you send out as energy will draw certain experiences in your life.

When you send out love, love will return to you.
When you send out peace, peace will come back to you.
When you support others with love, you will be supported.

We are all connected as one energy and one consciousness.

Recent study can prove that,
when two people(or animal) are bonded with love,
their energy fields are strongly linked together.
You can even see it in a picture.

Also when you are happy, that happy energy will affect
others around you and they feel happy, too.
Your emotions are especially magnetic and powerful.

When you become more conscious about what you choose to
feel, think, and believe, your life and the world will change.

What are you choosing at this moment?

We are all connected as one energy and one consciousness.
We are creating this world together.

Let’s focus on love and create the world
where we are loving to each other.
It all starts within you.

We are all one.

Love & light!
Chiwa Higashi


Message from your Angels:

Open your heart and
share your love with others.

Open your heart and
love yourself more.

Love is the truth of
who you really are.

It is time for you to remember
why you are here.

We love you and
we are supporting you on your path.


Attitude and approach does make all the difference in our relationships. Over the last 3 years I have read numerous book on the power of humility. Regardless of your status, background or upbringing, approaching people with a humble spirit opens the doors for healthy exchange. Acceptance and respect of our differences allows for a deeper and unlimited experience that both can find very rewarding. Today, choose to be humble and see what a powerful influence you will have in the lives of others.

Love the opportunity to post thoughts here and connecting with so many wonderful co-authors. I’m in sunny CA and very excited about the upcoming event in April…to hook up I’m at

Denise Needham

Excited for The Change

Greetings fellow co-authors! I am honored to be among you and participate in this wonderful opportunity! I would like to extend an invitation to connect! My website is I am a Work Life Balance Coach and all of my social media links are on my home page. Looking forward to meeting those of you traveling to California next month to meet Jim & Jim and attend this exciting event!
Deb Crowe

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Your God given gift

You have a God given gift that needs to be expressed
in order for you to fulfill your life purpose.
You may have many gifts that you don’t even know.

Once I asked God,
“What is my gift?”
Immediately I got an answer,

I told God, “you must be kidding”,
because I am not very sociable and I don’t talk very much.
I stay quiet in groups and I have never raised my hands
to ask any questions or say anything in classes at schools.

However that one word “communication” stayed with me for many years
even though I didn’t know what it actually meant at that time.

Years later, here I am, using the gift of communication, helping people
receive messages from Angels, souls, Higher Self, and the Divine.
Even though I took trainings to open up my gifts of spirit communication,
it is natural to me.
I am grateful for the gift I received from the divine and I feel blessed
to share my gift with others.

Please remember that you have a God given gift/talent
and it is your responsibility to find out what it is
and use it to help others.
When you focus and use your talent/gift, you will be the best in the world.
There is no one who can do better than you.

You may already know what it is.
Just keep using it and share it with others.
The world is waiting for you to share your gift.
It is your soul purpose.
God is asking you to go out in the world
and share your gift!

Love & light!
Chiwa Higashi

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*Messages from your Angels:

Positive change is happening now.
What you desire is already here.

It is time for celebration.

You have done all the work to
be where you are now.
We celebrate with you for your accomplishment.

We love you always.

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