February 2015

I tried that…and it didn’t work!

How many times has someone told you not to do something because it didn’t work for them? Now I’m not talking about buying some obscure contraption from TV after midnight or paying outrageous sums of money to join a get-rich-quick scheme (err program), but rather investing your time and energy by enrolling in a seminar, training, coaching, or even a home study course that could potentially bring fantastic results. So having clarified my original question, how many times has someone told you not to do something and, more importantly, how many times have you listened?

In the past, I’ve been asked, “What will coaching do for me?” And my response is always the same: “I don’t know, what do you want it to do for you?”

I’ve repeatedly heard the rebuttal, “The ‘Law of Attraction’ doesn’t work! I read the books/bought the programs and said the affirmations but nothing happened and I didn’t attract anything!” I’ll be honest; my initial response for this statement tends to be silly before ultimately having an in-depth conversation about the topic.

Regarding any quality book focused on personal development I’ve heard, “If I read it is it going to change me?” or regarding such classics as, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, I’ve been asked, “Will I become a millionaire by reading it?” and again my usual response is something along the lines of, “I don’t know – can a book do that by itself? Is it a magical book?”

And the truth is, no. In my experience, at least, there is no training, coach, or book that will “do to you” or “do for you” anything that you don’t do for yourself.

Yes, the trainer/coach/author will provide new ideas, insights, and suggestions, offer a different perspective, as well as develop plans together, but in the end, it is the responsibility of the client to put the plan into action. Please note the keyword is “action.” I would even suggest, as was taught to me by one of my trainers, that, regarding the “Law of Attraction,” some people fail to recognize the root word and simply wait for things to come to them rather than taking initiative in creating what they desire.

In the matter of all change work, you must play the game at 100 percent!

Over a month ago, we all welcomed the New Year which, for many people, is the time of the year to set a resolution and make some positive life changes. So with that in mind, here’s an example of someone who appears to be playing the game but isn’t willing to give themselves absolutely to the process of change.

Let’s say we have a person named Carl, and Carl wants to lose some weight and change his eating habits, so he goes to the gym and enlists the help of a personal trainer. Now the personal trainer informs Carl that in order to achieve his goals, he should incorporate these three daily practices: 1.) Increase exercise. 2.) Decrease calorie intake. 3.) Make a regular positive affirmation which adds personal encouragement via self-suggestion. Simple enough, right?

At the beginning of the program and through the first few weeks, Carl is motivated and well on his way to achieving his goals, but slowly his drive begins to waver and his level of commitment begins to taper. He begins to convince himself that an exception to the rule today is okay as long as he tries harder tomorrow. Slowly, he begins to shorten his workout routine and reintroduce his favorite chips and cookies into his meals. As the days go by, Carl becomes discouraged because he’s not seeing the results he wants and, of course, the lack of results have absolutely nothing to do with the recent exceptions to the rule, so he decides that a few more exceptions couldn’t hurt…

This is Carl, and Carl loves to try to achieve his goals. In fact, this isn’t the first time he’s tried a program like this. He’s tried various programs, bought multiple products that guaranteed success, enlisted many top trainers and coaches, and he’s read all the books – well, most of them. Unfortunately, Carl is like many people, and he has no issue with telling others, “I tried that, and it didn’t work!”

But the part he’s leaving out, whether he realizes it or not, is that it didn’t work for him because he didn’t work to achieve the results he wanted. Like the old saying goes, “You get out of it exactly what you put into it,” Carl put in a half effort and got out a half result. That said, you shouldn’t let “Carl” sway your decision or tell you what not to do. Don’t allow someone else’s limitations to influence your ability to perform.

Simply put, if you want something – truly want something – then go for it and give it your all. Give yourself absolutely to the process of change and achieving your goal in order to get the results that you desire.

If you have a coach, remember coaching is a do with process, so work with your coach to develop a plan that will help you to achieve the results you want. If you’re enrolled in a training program, learn all that you can and then apply and integrate the course material into the necessary aspects of your life. Many of the best training programs offer follow-up and support for the students, so take advantage of this opportunity. If you’re reading a book (or home study course), find a professional support system, mentor, or friend that is willing to assist you with your goals.

In closing, I would simply like to quote one of my favorite Jedi Masters, as he so eloquently stated for students in every discipline of life…

“Do or Do Not. There Is No Try” – Yoda

How to Achieve Greater Balance in Life Today

How to Achieve Greater Balance in Life Today

So What About Balance
Balance in life. We all absolutely crave it. We have it at times, and then before we know it, it seems to have vanished leaving us in states of anxiety, worry, confusion, inaction and at its worst unhappy and unfulfilled.

So then let’s begin with “what is your true purpose?’ What actually fulfills you in your heart of hearts? These questions focus our attention on the big picture, the vision that we hold for ourselves in life.

We already know that living a life of balance means attending to work, relationships, health, intimacy, spiritual growth, flow activities and making a difference in the lives of others.

But it is how we weave these facets of life together that determines our sense of balance. And that my friend can be an elusive and slippery achievement.

It is inevitable that balance will not be sustained for an indefinite period of time.

Our time, attention, and energy are constantly adjusting and competing to meet the demands of everyday life.

We make choices from one moment to the next about how to conduct our lives. Knowing that we get to choose liberates us to do just that! In the book, The Change: Insights Into Self-Empowerment, Volume 3, there are countless very valuable instructions on how to arrive at these most important life-changing choices.

Balance Does Not Exist As a Constant
Balance is never a static or perfect state of being. When we expect perfection in our lives we set ourselves up for failure, which can undermine our ability to move forward. The process of finding balance sometimes feels great and other times, not so much. From a psychological perspective a healthy mind aims for the best and does not attach its self-worth to the outcome.

I love the word and the concept of “Praxis” as it originates from the Ancient Greek.

One way of explaining Praxis is that it is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, embodied, or realized. “Praxis” may also refer to the act of engaging, applying, exercising, realizing, or practicing ideas. This has been a recurrent topic in the field of philosophy, discussed in the writings of Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, Immanuel Kant, Søren Kierkegaard, Karl Marx, Martin Heidegger, Hannah Arendt, Paulo Freire, Ludwig von Mises, and many others.

I describe Praxis in the most simple of terms so that I always remember to apply its simple and yet very effective technology in my own life.

Praxis is for me: ‘Act, reflect, act.’

We succeed. We fail. We analyze and then we self-correct. It is all an opportunity for growth. We are works in progress, constantly adapting, adjusting, and attending to the competing demands of our lives while moving in the direction of our dreams and goals.

Cultivating rituals that strengthens resiliency, optimism and improves relationships, and our ability to manage the many facets of our lives is vital to our experience of balance and happiness.

Meditation, deep breathing, affirmations, visualization, improving communication skills and making a difference in the lives of others are some of the practices that alter the way the brain fires so that we feel more calm, clear, and connected.

When these practices become internalized, they become the backdrop against which we can create our best possible lives. In time roots take hold and penetrate every aspect of our life.

I Want Perfection and I Want it Now
Do yourself the biggest favor and justice that you ever will accomplish. Give yourself a pass on this idea that life is going to turn out the way you want it to. Where did that idea come from anyway? Well actually, probably from the “Id,” as defined by Freud, but that’s for another time.

Being a Type-A, Anal-Retentive borderline OCD personality myself, I feel your pain.

And, to be honest, my personality traits have served me (mostly) well for many years because I, probably like you, am highly driven and thrive off of multitasking and accomplishment.

That has caused me to build companies from scratch, earn more than respectable incomes, acquire the toys and experiences in life that we all love, and also compelled me to lend my talents to the world in over a dozen ongoing projects to make a profound and lasting difference in the lives of others.

But, that has also caused me to lose track of my personal life balance so many times.

And then, I must return to Praxis. Act. Reflect upon my actions. Do they serve me and my life commitments? Make the necessary adjustments toward balance once again. Accept and own 100% of all of my actions and their results. Clean up any messes I made in my affairs or relationships. Own them but don’t beat up on myself. Create new commitments that seem to serve my newfound reflections and knowledge as a critical thinker. Increase my level of self-trust that I am constantly working toward my greater good.

And then, act. And then repeat all of the above.

Act, reflect, act. It’s actually quite the effective fix to achieving greater life balance.

This is easy to do, easy not to do. So what will it be for you? I suppose that depends on how important balancing your life really is.

Mark Skovron became a leader in Corporate America where he held various positions in sales, sales management and training, and Senior Vice President for a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 Company.

Actively involved in personal training and developmental technologies for decades, Mark is one the world’s leading authorities on success and personal achievement. Having taught hundreds of thousands of people, Mark is one of the most sought after speakers and mentors today.

Mark has been the founder of many very successful companies including Maximum Achievement Group, MaxGroup Business Solutions and is the Co-Author of best-selling books including, The Change (Ingram, March, 2015) and The Free Agent Revolution being released in the fall of 2015.

Mark can be reached at: Mark@MarkSkovron.com | www.FreeAgentRevolution.com | Direct: 727.667.4300

“5 Simple Steps to Daily Count Your Way to Success ”

“5 Simple Steps to Daily Count Your Way to Success”
What if by counting your fingers you would be reminded of 5 easy ways to ground lasting results in achieve your success? This is a powerful tool!
I was reminded of a way to create success when my massage therapist who I see weekly as part of my overall well-being, was working on my hand. I remembered my mentor sharing this simple technique, which creates tremendous success if applied on a continuous basis. I usually begin my day stretching and when I come to my hands I start with my thumb. I encourage you to give this a try every day for a week and see if by using this simple technique, you too can count your way to success!
1. Thumb – Thumbs Up! It’s a brand new day; it’s a never again repeatable day. It’s a day with a clean, white canvas, which allows me the opportunity to paint bold, bright colors with the thoughts that give me life. I can choose today what I would love my day to look like, feel like and be like by choosing thoughts that are empowering. By choosing successful, productive, encouraging thoughts I give myself a “thumbs up”!
2. Pointer Finger – Point My Way. My first finger points the way towards my day. This allows me to stay focused on what is going on in front of me and allows me to release and let go of what occurred yesterday. This is a new day to create what is necessary to move me forward toward my goals, dreams and desires. I may be unable to change yesterday, however, I am able to change the way I look at things today. Today I move forward in a positive and productive manner.
3. Middle Finger – Flick Fear in the Face. I use my middle finger to remind myself that fear is the acronym of F- False, E-Evidence, A- Appearing, R- Real. Many times what I might fear hardly ever comes to pass. We have a tendency to spend too much time being worried, anxious or fearful when seldom whatever has grabbed our attention really ever comes to pass. So what if, when I notice fear, I flick it in the face and remember it’s only a thought and I have the power to change my thoughts. I could think of my goals and rewards; I could think of my dreams and desires; I could think of the next successful move to make while I keep focusing forward.
4. Ring Finger – Making a Commitment. The ring finger or the fourth finger is considered the “lifeline to the heart”. We place a ring upon this finger during marriage ceremonies to be reminded of the commitment we made. What if we make a commitment to ourselves, to our success, to our own healthy thoughts and happiness? What if we stood guard at the gateway of our own thoughts allowing in only the thoughts which allows us to feel good, do good and be good in all of our affairs? This reminder alone has the power to change the trajectory of your success.
5. Pinky Finger – Baby Steps. It is said… “Baby steps will take you all the way up Mount Everest”. Success begins with the first step. In taking small continued baby steps towards your goal you will discover a certain speed and momentum which will eventually create a quantum leap. Action is the fuel in creating any success. Intentional action requires a road map or blueprint, which accelerates the desired results. Map out your plans, create your blueprint and use each finger on your hand to direct you into a day of successful action and you will notice significant results before you are half way through.
I offer successful techniques in creating blueprints, vision statements and business plans to move you toward your success. We could all use helpful tips and reminders to guide us into a day of successful actions. It’s as easy as counting the fingers on your hand!
Julie Jones Hamilton www.JulieJonesHamiltom.com Julie@juliejoneshamilton.com 859-229-5939

You are closer than you think

Imagine that you are climbing the big mountains
and you are getting closer to the top.
It gets harder as it gets steeper.

That is the time that you must not give up.
You have come all the way to where you are.
You have little more to go to the destination.

Keep your energy up and move forward.

You are closer than you think.
In truth you are there already.

You are one with the Creator.
You have all you need to accomplish your goals.

Keep on.
You will succeed.

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Message from your Angels:

Set a clear intention
and focus on your goals.
Your success is guaranteed.

Know that you are already there.

We love you and we are with you always.

The Change Global Movement.

Most see with sight. They observe only what lies in front of them. Others see with vision. They see what lies ahead. The Change Book-Global Community Events and Collaborations are just getting started. Thousands will benefit from the collective wisdom of all.
Jim Lutes


Living Your Life on Purpose

This year I wanted to start some of my articles with “D” words. They are my favorite. Words like determined, diligent, disciplined, driven, deliberate, decisive and the list goes on and on. Instead I feel lead to start with a “P” word: purpose.

The definition of purpose in the Webster’s Dictionary states:

The reason why something is done or used: the aim or intention of something
The feeling of being determined to do or achieve something
The aim or goal of a person: what a person is trying to do, become, etc.

It’s also an important word in the mission statement for ROI:

Helping you live with purpose acting on what is most important to fulfill your personal mission.

One of my favorite authors, John G. Miller writes in his book, Outstanding! 47 Way to Make Your Organization Exceptional, “What too many managers don’t understand is that people will do practically anything (as long as it’s legal and ethical) if they understand why they are doing it – and they’ll do it joyfully, with their full heart. The truth is this: purpose powers passion.”

In 2004 I read the book The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and for the first time I realized who I am, my talents, my strengths all that I could contribute was intentional. That God created me for His purpose. Now that added a whole new dimension to why I was driven from within, because in my heart I knew when I followed that purpose, I found genuine and deeply profound fulfillment.

Here are a few questions for you to ponder:

Do you wake up each day, contemplating what you are going to do, and why you’re going to do it?

As you go about your daily activities, do you have the intent to give it your very best effort?

Are you internally motivated and feel passionate about what you do, where you going, and people you interact with?

If you answer is no to these questions, I want to encourage you that indeed you can turn these into yes’s. It will take some contemplation and soul searching…because knowing your purpose will bring about the reason, intention, and determination to achieve your goals.

Which do you Honor More – Your Moxie or Your Outcomes?

Which do you Honor More – Your Moxie or Your Outcomes?

Moxie, the informal English noun meaning: force of character, determination, or nerve. One could replace the word moxie with synonyms like; bravery, courageousness, valor, fearlessness, nerve, daring, audacity, boldness, true grit, hardihood, heroism, gallantry, spunk, guts, cojones or balls. Moxie is manifested in the present moment as forward momentum begins in the face of unknowns. Outcomes, is another English noun, this one meaning: the way a things turn out, the consequence(s), or result(s). Unlike moxie, outcomes (more often than not) dwell outside of the present moment in a place we call the future.

Our culture is obsessed with both. We love stories of heroic characters with courageous prose; in other words we put moxie on a pedestal. Look at what grabs our hearts in the media; daring rescues, unscripted reality shows, innovation and adventure. Consider our cultural icons and idols; Martin Luther King, Neil Armstrong, Amelia Earhart, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey for example. Clearly people who take massive action in the face of unknowns gain our respect and admiration. We also value (and sometimes covet) an individual’s ability to accurately predict and/or ensure outcomes. Just look at what we honor in the workplace, political arena, in the classrooms, of our families, of our doctors, of our friends, and of all humanity; those that who get the desired outcomes are exalted. Sales professionals that get the results their companies want, get promoted. Politicians who promise the results we would like, get our votes. Students who get high scores on test, are awarded scholarships and other favor. No doubt outcomes are important to us, wouldn’t you say?

Suffice to say, there is nothing wrong with honoring moxie or outcomes. But what happens, psychologically, when we honor these ideals is worth considering. Which is exactly what I hope to explore with you in the following paragraphs and subsequent dialogue.

When we know that our actions can guarantee the results we want, it is comforting. When we don’t know if our actions will get us our desired outcomes, it is scary and even threatening to our ego. So when outcomes become our focus we’re motivating ourselves through fear; a fear we might not accomplish our goal. It has been long proven that fear based motivation is far inferior to almost any other source of motivation. Further, by holding the belief that outcomes are paramount we open give birth to the ongoing opportunity to judge ourselves based on whether or not we achieved our mark. So if we hold tight to the idea that outcomes are more important than moxie we commit to operating in a limited capacity; the confines of which are fear, self-judgement and living for a near or distant future.

Now, back to moxie. If we hold the belief that courage is more valuable than outcomes everything shifts. Taking massive action in the face of the unknown is moxie. When we realize that there are no guarantees in life anyway, we discover courage is always needed. You can predict an outcome but it may or may not come to be, so we again face fear but if we face it with moxie and courage we can let go of our paralyzing need to know the results. So honor our moxie more than our results we are free to live in the moment, to conceptualize and realize our potential and live in gratitude no matter what happens!

This is living. It is being in the present. It is choosing to have the courage to enjoy the process and then relentlessly appreciating yourself for doing so, regardless of the results.

To your moxie, may it bring you places you never thought possible!

– Kasey Higbee


Prayers are answered

Have you prayed to God(universe, or whatever you call it)
for what you want over and over and it didn’t happen?

Have you felt like God wasn’t listening to you?

The truth is that your prayers are always heard and answered.
You may not see it in front of your eyes at this moment,
but universe is arranging everything for you to receive
what you ask for.

If it hasn’t happened, it may not be the divine timing.
Or it may not be for your highest good for some reason.
God knows what is best for you.
Please trust it.

Sometimes what you are asking for may be coming from your ego mind
and not from your soul & heart. There is a big difference.

Or maybe you don’t truly believe that you are worthy enough to fully receive
what you ask for.

When you fully surrender to the divine and ask from your heart
for your highest good and highest good of all,
all your prayers are heard and will be actualized at the right time.

Angels want you to know that your prayers are
answered and supported. God knows what your heart’s
desires are. And all will come true.

Be open to receiving infinite abundance.
Get ready for miracles.
All your prayers are already answered.
It will happen..
Know that you will receive.

Love, light, & blessings!
Chiwa Higashi

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The Ask

I used to feel weak upon arriving at the fact that I could us some help. I held a deep belief that I should be able to grow all by myself.
Where did this belief system originate? Maybe it was the TV shows and movies that glorified the hero who “didn’t need anybody”. Maybe it was in my family of origin. Maybe it was reinforced at school. I’m not completely sure. One thing I do know is that as I began to explore the stories of highly successful people they did not make it alone. There were mentors and teachers who were instrumental in leading the newbie onto the pathway of success.
The mentored person had a responsibility as well and that was to ask for help.
I began my adventure of personal development and along the way I have met individuals who knew the road to success and I asked for help. Some of thrones who I asked did not consent to guide me but I did not give up. I continued to ask, seek and knock.
I have been fortunate to be have people who said said yes and they challenged me beyond where I could have travelled on my own.

In all our journeys remember to be open to ask.

The World Sound Healing Day

The world Sound Healing day was held on Valentine’s Day in Boulder Colorado
with people all over the world.

Every year, Jonathan Goldman (with his wife Andi), who is considered by many as a chant master,
creates a sacred space to tone Ah Sound to open our hearts, and send the vibration of love
to the whole planet for the purpose of Global Harmonization, planetary peace and healing.
AH sound is considered as the sound of heart.

Everyone there gathered in a circle and there was a container of water in the middle.
As we sounded, the water was infused with love vibration.
After the chant was over, we drank that water filled with love.
Water tasted sweet, of course.

I really enjoyed the sound and love vibration there.
It was nice to tone with so many people as always.
I felt power that words couldn’t describe.
Definitely it cleared my mind and I felt so much lighter.
The best part was that we connected with everyone, whole planet,
and entire universe with one love. The vibration was so powerful.

I took a sound healing intensive with Jonathan Goldman three years ago.
What I learned was that sound had the amazing power to shift the vibration
and heal body, mind, & spirit. The benefit is infinite.
When you add your intention to the sound, it creates healing.

You can practice sounding AH, and open your heart daily.
Not only you, but the entire planet will benefit from your sounding.
Have fun with it.

Sending you, Mother earth, and all humanity
love & light!

Chiwa Higashi

Go to: http://www.ShineLigthNow.com/english


Messages from your Angels:

Open your heart fully
and receive love.

And share your love with others

There is only love.
Love is who you are.

As always we love you.

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